McGuire’s Irish Pub: Gluten free in Pensacola

While in Pensacola, we also visited the famous McGuires Irish Pub.  Here people sign & staple dollar bills to the ceiling.

McGuires Pensacola 2015 2

They have mug holders like pubs in Europe do, where people have a mug they keep at the pub on a certain hook to use which entitles them to cheaper drinks.

McGuires Pensacola 2015 4

The decor and atmosphere were great.  The drinks were cheap.

McGuire's Irish Pub decor     McGuire's Irish Pub decor 2

Since my group had already planned to eat here, I called ahead and thankfully found out they had a gluten free menu.  Again, it isn’t necessarily a restaurant I would pick as a celiac, but I had to make do since I didn’t have my own car there.

McGuires Irish Pub GF menu in Pensacola
Since I don’t eat pork or love seafood, I was yet again left with very few options. I decided to order the Irish potato skins (without bacon) and tenderloin bites–2 appetizers for a meal.

McGuires Irish Pub GF in Pensacola

The Irish potato skins scared me at first, as it had brown pieces of what looked like bacon, but the waitress double checked with the kitchen and found that they were the rind pieces of the gouda cheese.  They were delicious and safe thankfully, a plate of them filled me because that was my entire meal.  (They would not serve the tenderloin bites well done and I don’t like my meat undercooked. There was also a crouton on the plate when it came out rare–needless to say, I was just grateful for the potato skins at that point.  People there seem to like their meat uncooked and don’t like to accommodate any other tastes!)

McGuires Irish Pub mint GF in Pensacola

There were no gluten free dessert options, sadly.  To keep with the $1 bill theme, after dinner mints were served. No clue if they were gluten free, so I didn’t eat them.

(I was not compensated for this review. This is just my own personal experience and opinion to help others.)


2 thoughts on “McGuire’s Irish Pub: Gluten free in Pensacola

    • I’m sure this is too late, but here it in text form: (Apologize for the late response, I just now saw several comments I wasn’t notified about!)
      Gluten Free Options (check to ensure they’re still accurate):
      Bean Soup
      Steamed Mussels without bread
      Irish Potato Skins
      Tenderloin Bites

      Pub Fare:
      Brewer’s Sausage Plate
      Corned Beef & Cabbage

      Grilled Tuna
      Grilled Mahi-Mahi without grit cake
      Grilled Pacific Dory
      Lobster Tail

      Garlic Mashed Potatoes
      Steamed Asparagus
      Baked Potato
      House Salad with oil & vinegar

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