Restaurant Review: Gluten free in Atlanta Airport: Garbanzo Mediterranean Grill

Atlanta Airport gluten free options: Garbanzo Mediterranean (Center D)

My recent travels took me through the Atlanta airport.  I had a short layover so I was confined to the D Terminal and many things were closed, but I was hungry.  Unfortunately, even though flights were still plentiful through 10:30pm, it was 8pm and many restaurants were closed! So, I didn’t have access to many of the choices I had pre-researched!  I had some emergency snack food with me, of course–but I really wanted a warm, real meal!

Atlanta Airport GF Finds 1

I saw that Garbanzo Mediterranean Grill had gluten free choices labelled and in fact most of their options were gluten free without the tortilla, so I decided to take a chance and eat there. It was set up similar to a Chipotle or Subway where you move down the line choosing what you want on your bread or in your bowl.  (They were out of rice, which was upsetting when you think you’re getting a gluten free starch but then they’re out of it! But, that’s a problem with being in the evening, not if you’re going in the middle of the day.)

Atlanta Airport GF Finds 2

I got the bowl with lettuce, chicken, feta cheese, cucumber-tomato salad, peppers, and a little smoked eggplant dip.  The food tasted good for the most part. I didn’t enjoy the eggplant dip.  Their chicken tasted good, but I didn’t eat more than a bit because I tasted cumin in it (which I’ve been avoiding since the peanut recall after I had a bad reaction at a Mexican place from peanut-tainted cumin).  If you don’t have any concerns with peanuts/cumin, the chicken was tasty.  I also got their house dressing which was AMAZING!  If I am eating again in Atlanta’s airport, I would make sure they had rice and get the rice, lettuce, feta, cucumber salad, peppers, and their dressing. Chicken optional.