Best Gluten free pizza (make at home)- Gallo Lea

This pizza is a little pricey (isn’t it always in our gluten free world?), but amazing! It doesn’t require yeast (there is yeast in the mix) , isn’t really super thin crust. It comes with sauce (there is one kit with tomato sauce and one with BBQ).  The thickness and texture (not weird flakey or chewy like some GF pizzas) is the best I’ve found in several years of searching. 


It comes with a baking paper to put in the oven and it works well and is easy to make. All you do is add water, stir, pre-bake, add toppings, and bake! 


I have a tomato acid issue, so I haven’t had any of the sauce but my husband said it’s good, but nothing special. The pizza’s flavor is yummy but to those of us who ate gluten at some point before in our lives, it is a bit scary because it almost tastes a bit like whole-wheat (but it’s certified GF and safe, I did not get sick and I’m very sensitive!). Honestly, THE BEST gluten free pizza I have found yet! That includes any pre-made, restaurant, or make at home!


I’ve served it with butter, buffalo sauce, or sweet chilli sauce as the sauce with different kinds of mozzarella and cheddar cheeses.


Burtons Grill in Virginia Beach: A Celiac’s Heaven

Found a celiac heaven here in Virginia Beach.  Burtons Grill Virginia Beach has a huge gluten free menu! They have super safe kitchen practices, knowledgeable and super staff, and were founded by a Celiac.  They even serve a gluten free roll before dinner! Outside of Disney, no where has ever had that for me!

Burton's Grill burger and fries

For the main course, there are many options with chicken or fresh caught fish and other seafood.  So far however, I’ve had their beef burger (100% beef, no fillers, very yummy) and fresh cut french fries.  I’ve also had their chicken sandwich (which keeps well for leftovers).  They have a large menu of dinners in addition to their sandwich bar menu, but I haven’t tried those just yet.  Their food comes with homemade pickles that are quite amazing! Their sweet tea is also fresh and delicious :-).  They do focus on whole, fresh, local, and organic ingredients whenever possible as well.

Their desserts are also very yummy. In May, for Celiac awareness month, they had a delicious peach and blueberry cobbler a la mode that I wish was always on the menu.  I enjoyed it a few times that month thankfully!  They also have a vanilla bean creme brulee that is very good and a chocolate torte that my non-GF friend had and loved!