Wednesday Review: Cherrybrook Kitchen Frosting (Top 8 free)

Cherrybrook White Icing GF 2

Have you been searching for an allergen-friendly frosting that is ready made? Maybe you just want one that doesn’t have artificial dye or high fructose corn syrup? Well, there’s one that meets ALL of those requirements!  Cherrybrook Kitchen has some wonderful allergen friendly foods, including ready to spread vanilla or chocolate frosting!

This tastes similar to homemade icings made with confectioners (10x) sugar. It is quite sweet, but good.  The consistency is thick but spreadable.  While I have some good recipes for homemade icing, they all require having safe equipment and ingredients on hand, plus time to make them.  With this ready to spread frosting, you can have it on the road/away from home or when you’re just out of time!

Cherrybrook White Icing GF ingredients

Here are the ingredients along with their allergen statement: free of the top 8 and made in a facility free of peanut, tree nut, dairy, egg, and gluten (and tested).  They are also certified Kosher and approved by the Feingold Association!  I buy this locally at Organic Food Depot (like a co-op), but I also have seen it available online at and in multi-packs on Amazon.


Boma: Disney World allergen Restaurant Review


Boma Breakfast 2-1   Boma Breakfast 3-1
Somehow I still haven’t posted on my two favorite Disney breakfast venues: Boma and 1900 Park Fare.  I do hesitate to post places I love and will go back to, perhaps for fear of “jinxing” a good thing, but alas I want to share the good for those seeking a great experience!
Boma Breakfast 1-2
Let’s talk about Boma.  It’s an African-themed buffet in the Animal Kingdom Lodge.  It is open for breakfast and dinner, but I much prefer their breakfast.  It’s also a very good value on the meal plan, as it’s 1 sit-down meal credit for a huge buffet.  Now, I know, celiacs and others with food allergies cringe at the word buffet normally, but this is Disney.  They are generous with getting fresh items from the back away from cross contamination and offering substitutes as well.  So, for gluten free, I had an egg and cheese omelet (could have had other things in it, but I’m just a plain Jane). They had turkey bacon–hooray for non pork breakfast meats!

Boma Breakfast 1-1

They have the yummiest mixed fruit juice they call Jungle juice.  There was also fresh fruit of course.

Boma Breakfast 2-2   Boma Breakfast 2-3
For breakfast carbs that were safe, they served skillet potatoes most days (we went multiple days on our last trip).  They also have gluten free Mickey Waffles. (Side note, like most Disney locations, the allergen free Mickey waffles were made using Namaste mixed with Bob’s Red Mill.  Unfortunately, something in Namaste makes me ill–I’m guessing the arrowroot powder, but most people love these, so I know I’m a rare exception.  I was hoping for Cup4Cup, but alas they couldn’t find any.) There was also a nice showing of Udi muffins (chocolate and blueberry at this time) and MY FAVORITE Kinnikinnick donuts (vanilla glazed and cinnamon sugar at this time).

Boma Breakfast 3-2

I would pick this location again especially for the Kinnikinnick donuts, as those with eggs would make a pretty fulfilling breakfast. I only wish they offered another ingredient mix for the waffles.
Boma dinner fufu strong spices Boma dinner dessert sorbet and donuts GF SF
We also had dinner here one night and if you didn’t have a pork restriction, it was probably more enjoyable, but for gluten/nut/pork free, my options were limited. Some yummy steamed vegetables, their Fufu (spiced mashed white and sweet potatoes blended–pictured above), with some carved turkey or grilled fish (not pictured).  For dessert, they only have sorbet and fruit, which was okay but nothing special.  They did oblige my request for some more Kinnikinnick donuts with dinner for dessert. Sadly, they did not offer any of the gluten free Zebra Domes I’ve heard so much about (perhaps they are not nut free? I’m unsure).

Safe, Raw Cookie Dough: Top 8 Allergen Free

Egg-less gluten free Cookie dough

Eggless Cookie Dough GF

I love a good, raw cookie dough but my mother was far too overprotective to ever let us eat it. Her facts about salmonella take all the enjoyment out of eating it. Until now! Simply make egg-less cookie dough so it’s safe to eat in its dough form.

The recipe I use is below.  The only modification from the recipe I use in order for it to be top 8 free would be a butter substitute for dairy free. (Recipe modified from FlippinDelicious:

  • 1/4 cup butter (or butter substitute for dairy free), melted
  • 1/4 cup brown sugar
  • 1-2 Tablespoons milk alternative or water (yes, I was out of milk and used water–it worked!)
  • 1/2 teaspoon gluten free vanilla
  • 3/4 cup Cup4Cup gluten free flour
  • 1/3 cup Enjoy Life mini chocolate chips (gluten free, nut free, dairy free, soy free)*
    *another option is Equal Exchange–they don’t have mini chocolate chips, but they are fair trade and gluten/soy/nut/dairy/egg free and made in a facility free of those)

The result is a delicious cookie dough that is safe to eat. I’m not sure how this would turn out if you baked it–I just eat it as dough. I have also mixed it with ice cream for a gluten free cookie dough ice cream (pictured below)–YUM!

Eggless Cookie Dough Ice Cream GF

Disney World allergen Restaurant Review: The Wave

The Wave

The Wave2 The Wave1

This restaurant, located on the ground floor of the Contemporary resort traditionally has been my favorite hidden gem!  (However, this was the absolute worst restaurant of our trip.)  It started with us being seated at the table for 2 right next to  the curtains drawn back.  They smelled, moldy or mildewy, not appetizing! We scooted the table away from the curtains and hoped things would get better.

I did not get the chef’s name but he seemed to do his best, but there were several troubles. I had only a salad option for appetizer, which I forgot to take a picture of.
The Wave3 The Wave4 burger upclose
I wanted the “grass fed” burger and he said they had Udi’s buns and that I could have fries too. This sounded wonderful, until the order came. The burger was a thin pre-formed patty that looked like a fast food restaurant. It had no taste or quality and I highly doubt it was grass-fed beef. The bun did not resemble any Udi’s I’ve had before and the texture seemed closer to EnerG. I can have EnerG too, but it made me nervous since the chef said they were Udi’s. I had him check again to be sure and he said the carton was gone, but he was sure they were Udi’s. (Really? the carton was gone? NOT reassuring!)  I had a few bites of the burger, but being unsure of the bun and the beef being subpar quality, I didn’t come close to finishing. I also asked for well done and got to several spots of pink (hard to see in the photo)!
The Wave5 not GF sundae
For dessert, he offered sorbet (why did they never offer ice cream first, even though I blatantly say I can have dairy?).  So, I asked about ice cream and Enjoy Life cookies. He said that was do-able. I was brought vanilla ice cream with a soft cookie like bottom. It did not resemble any of Enjoy Life brand cookies (and I do know them all!), so I asked if they were sure this was the right order. I asked if they made their own gluten free and nut free cookies (I hadn’t heard of that, but it was possible, right?)  The waitress went and said she double checked and this was right (no additional information was offered to allay my concerns). There was still an allergy stick in it, but those did not look like any cookies I’ve known. I was far too scared to eat the cookies and had my husband try them. He has no allergies but has had regular and gluten free. He said it did not taste or resemble the texture of any normal gluten free desserts.  He said he thought it was likely a regular housemade gluten cookie.  I was glad I did not eat it! That left me terrified and shaken.

Unfortunately, the Wave was the ultimate let down on this trip. I’m not sure I’ll be returning despite hearing others have good allergen meals here.

Wednesday Review: Glutino Frosted Toaster Pastries

Wednesday Review: Glutino Frosted Toaster Pastries

So Glutino FINALLY changed the gluten free breakfast world by putting icing on their gluten free toaster pastries! I found them at Whole Foods Virginia Beach.

Glutino toaster pastry on shelf

They had strawberry and blueberry, I tried the blueberry. I’m always afraid to post of my favorite items for fear of jinxing my luck with them, but these are new and good and you NEED to know about them! You can see they’re $5.49 for a pack of 5 at my Whole Foods, the same price as the unfrosted ones.
Glutino iced poptarts box GF
They tasted amazing!  What a great on-the-go snack or breakfast to have.  I occasionally have to travel for work, so that’s something I thought of immediately–a breakfast I can pack other than gluten free cereal, without needing a fridge/freezer or microwave!  Now, I will say, in my ideal world, I would prefer organic or at least non-GMO, but when you have multiple food allergies, sometimes you just happily enjoy what won’t make you sick!
Glutino iced poptarts GF
I ate these at room temperature, without toasting, so I know they’re tasty on the road when I can’t use a toaster.  Fort those of you who prefer them warm, they could be toasted or microwaved.  (They are only advertised as gluten free, but there are no peanut/nut/soy ingredients or “same line as” warnings. The only top 8 allergen listed is Eggs.)

Restaurant Review: Gluten free in Atlanta Airport: Garbanzo Mediterranean Grill

Atlanta Airport gluten free options: Garbanzo Mediterranean (Center D)

My recent travels took me through the Atlanta airport.  I had a short layover so I was confined to the D Terminal and many things were closed, but I was hungry.  Unfortunately, even though flights were still plentiful through 10:30pm, it was 8pm and many restaurants were closed! So, I didn’t have access to many of the choices I had pre-researched!  I had some emergency snack food with me, of course–but I really wanted a warm, real meal!

Atlanta Airport GF Finds 1

I saw that Garbanzo Mediterranean Grill had gluten free choices labelled and in fact most of their options were gluten free without the tortilla, so I decided to take a chance and eat there. It was set up similar to a Chipotle or Subway where you move down the line choosing what you want on your bread or in your bowl.  (They were out of rice, which was upsetting when you think you’re getting a gluten free starch but then they’re out of it! But, that’s a problem with being in the evening, not if you’re going in the middle of the day.)

Atlanta Airport GF Finds 2

I got the bowl with lettuce, chicken, feta cheese, cucumber-tomato salad, peppers, and a little smoked eggplant dip.  The food tasted good for the most part. I didn’t enjoy the eggplant dip.  Their chicken tasted good, but I didn’t eat more than a bit because I tasted cumin in it (which I’ve been avoiding since the peanut recall after I had a bad reaction at a Mexican place from peanut-tainted cumin).  If you don’t have any concerns with peanuts/cumin, the chicken was tasty.  I also got their house dressing which was AMAZING!  If I am eating again in Atlanta’s airport, I would make sure they had rice and get the rice, lettuce, feta, cucumber salad, peppers, and their dressing. Chicken optional.