Lebanese Taverna – gluten free in Washington, D.C.

Lebanese Taverna

(Apologies for the lack of a picture!)

When in Washington, DC, a great gluten free option is Lebanese Taverna.  It’s conveniently located near the zoo and across from the Woodley Park Metro stop, so you don’t need a car!  The menu was well marked with GF for gluten free options and the servers were generally knowledgeable. I had the chicken kebabs with red rice and some veggies (not marked GF because it comes with Lebanese rice which is not gluten free, but if you substitute for red rice, it is gluten free).
It was not as impressive as last year, as there were fewer vegetables and I do not like the red rice (last year it was a simple steamed white rice I believe), BUT the garlic white dipping sauce was still delicious and if you ask, they will serve you rice crackers when the others get a pita like bread. I didn’t have any issues as a sensitive celiac.  (Side note: sadly their lunch menu was no longer a more reasonable price than dinner, it’s the same menu.)