Pizza Gallery & Grill in Viera, FL

I recently did some traveling to see family in central Florida as well as a vacation in Jamaica, so I have many new posts coming soon!

First up, I must share a gem I found in Viera, FL (about 20 minutes north Melbourne and 40 minutes south of Orlando)–Pizza Gallery and Grill.  It’s located among hundreds of other shops in the Viera strip Mall.  This delightful restaurant has a great atmosphere of art and a large, beautiful salt water fish tank.

Pizza Gallery fish tank 2

Most of all, they have a great gluten free menu with a well-trained staff and proper separate baking containers, etc.  They have great pizza, but they also have AMAZING baked wings. Truly safe wings are a rarity in the gluten free world of eating out and their house caliente sauce was so very yummy.  It was a little spicy, but in a very flavorful way! I am literally still drooling every time I look at this picture!

Pizza Gallery GF baked wings

They have a few pre-selected gluten free entrees and pizzas, but on their Make Your Own Pizza menu, they also have listed which toppings and sauces are gluten free, so I took a chance and created my own pizza with the caliente wing sauce and plain mozzarella cheese. It was a thinner crust, like most gluten free crusts, but not dry.  With the wing sauce and cheese, it was delicious.  I even had a few slices cold leftover the next day and it was still good!

Pizza Gallery GF pizza (2)

We ate here a few times, since there was a limited selection of safe places for me to eat at.  The staff was always friendly, the prices very reasonable (and even some specials), and great-tasting, safe food. I highly recommend anyone in the area try Pizza Gallery and Grill!

Some of the other features here for those who can have gluten, they have a lunch buffet of pizza, pasta, and salad that my mom enjoyed.  Feedback from other members of my party said the chicken sandwich was good, the waffle fries (not GF) were good), and the regular pizza was okay–the flavor was good, but not New York style thin, a bit thicker.

Pizza Gallery non chicken sandwichPizza Gallery salad pizza bar

The above are some of their gluten offerings, but you could get a gluten free salad.

As always, the above opinion is my own and I was not compensated in any way!