Gluten free at Boston Pizza in Halifax, Nova Scotia

I apologize it’s been a while–I thought I had covered the rest of the Halifax restaurants completed, but I had not. Another restaurant we went to while in Halifax (Nova Scotia, Canada) was Boston Pizza. It was not a planned place to eat, but we walked past it hungry after we arrived in Halifax proper from the airport.

Boston Pizza is a chain and we had eaten at one in Niagara Falls safely a few years ago, so I stopped in to ask if they had the same gluten free options and they did. They have oven baked gluten free wings and delicious Kinnikinnick gluten free pizza crusts–one of the very few I’ve found that aren’t thin and crispy.  I often use these at home in fact for pizza since discovering them in Canada (they’re available at my Kroger in Virginia).

20160731_194237.jpg  20160731_194232

While I have to say this location was less well versed in gluten free than their Niagara Falls counterparts, with careful questions and guidance, it was suitable for a convenient meal and delicious! It’s just around the corner from the main bus stop getting into town, and a block or two away from the Marriott waterfront, so a great location.


The Wooden Monkey: Gluten free in Halifax, Nova Scotia

As I said in my other post, recently we made a trip north to Canada–more specifically to Halifax, Nova Scotia.  Now, Halifax may not be a gluten free paradise like some cities or Disney World, but it can hold it’s own for a small city/big town! It’s also beautiful, here’s a view of the waterfront from a boat:
There were a few places on the water with safe options for lunch and dinner, but having done my research before I came, I saw there was a gluten free bakery (that I’ll cover in another post) and a celiac-friendly (not just gluten free, celiac-friendly!) restaurant called The Wooden Monkey.


The Wooden Monkey has two locations–one in Halifax a few blocks uphill from the waterfront boardwalk area and one across the water at the ferry landing in Dartmouth, near Evan’s Fresh Seafood. The one in Dartmouth was closed on Mondays when we wanted to visit, so we went to the one up the hill in Halifax.

They are focused on local and healthy, they don’t even have a deep fryer, but they do have safe fries that are baked and delicious! They have lots of vegan and vegetarian options in addition to gluten free and their menu has entrees with nuts, soy, and dairy marked on the menu.

For their starters, they have lots of gluten free options, we opted to order the nachos and a side of their version of fries, called “Roasties.” It was a large order, flavorful, and plentiful. Truth be told, this with an order of their fries would have been enough food to skip an entree and then have dessert.
20160801_115003 20160801_115718

The entree menu is entirely gluten free but largely seafood based, as many menus are in this fishing town, but as I don’t love fish, I opted for the braised beef with mashed potatoes. It had good flavor though a little strong on the onion flavor, but it was too heavy for me to finish after the hearty appetizer. They also had gluten free pizza and buns which sounded great, but they had sorghum (which I also can’t tolerate). The full menu can be viewed on their website.
Dessert holds two gluten free options–tofu pie and local, organic dairy ice cream. While the Tofu pie comes highly recommended, I avoid most forms of soy and the crust is made from nuts, so I simple had the ice cream which was good.


I’d recommend the Wooden Monkey to anyone visiting Halifax or Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, but especially anyone with food allergies or dietary restrictions, as they know their ingredients and mark the top 8 allergens, too!

(I was not compensated in any way for this post, just trying to share what I know to help others with food allergies enjoy their trip more!)

Gluten free near Luray Caverns, VA

Continuing on our theme of western Virginia small towns, we come to Luray, VA.  A small town off I-81 famous for the amazing Luray Caverns, all hope is surprisingly not lost for gluten free food, even here! Aside from the Caverns and a modest but impressive car museum, there isn’t too much to this town. There are some bed and breakfasts and it’s near the Skyline Drive and Shenandoah National Park.

But, our highlight today for gluten free folks was a nice little place called Gennaro’s that had gluten free pizza! It was simple, but large, and enough! The waitress didn’t seem knowledgeable, though she was very kind and brought me the ingredient label when I asked (I was checking for my other intolerances, such as sorghum).  The cook/chef/maybe owner did seem knowledgeable (and he also had that comforting-to-a-celiac Italian accent) and I didn’t get sick.  The pizza was not anything impressive, similar to an Udi’s crust–but certainly something I was happy they had, so I could eat something! (Please ignore my family’s gluten sandwich and non safe fries in the background–only the pizza was safe!)

Gennaro's Italian GF pizza with jalepenos 1

There was also a small bakery with gluten and gluten free items called Triple Oak Bakery nearby. I emailed the owner ahead of time and found out they had sorghum in their flour blend, so unfortunately I couldn’t partake.  However, she was so responsive and kind that I wanted to be sure to mention her bakery as an option for the many of you who are gluten free and can tolerate sorghum!

Also, here’s some photos of the Luray Caverns–truly a must see when you are nearby!

Johnny Roccos – celiac gluten free heaven in Niagara Falls

Although a few miles away from the main tourist area of the Canadian side of Niagara Falls, it’s conveniently on the Red line of WeGo buses and has nice outside patio seating. We came for the gluten free options (celiac safe) and were not disappointed.

Johnny Roccos GF pizza Niagara Falls 2

I had a gluten free pizza, which was safe and delicious (although it was more sauce and less cheese than I like as an American!). The pizza sauce was very yummy and I believe homemade. The server was very knowledgeable on gluten free. The gluten eaters in my group had their HUGE calzones that were delicious and a grilled chicken sandwich that was decent.Johnny Roccos receipt

I appreciated the knowledge by my server and her care in alerting the kitchen–verbally and on paper, as viewed on the receipt! 🙂 (Don’t be too shocked on the price–prices are high in Niagara Falls and this was actually more reasonable than much of the chain places.)

Boston Pizza – a celiac gem in Niagara Falls!

Boston Pizza

Located right in heart of Clifton Hill, Boston Pizza is your best bet for good gluten free food in Niagara Falls on the Canadian side.  The picture below is from the SkyWheel. Boston Pizza is also conveniently located across from the Clifton Hill stop on the red line of the tourist bus system (WeGo).
Boston Pizza area

As you can see below, they had a VERY large menu. Their servers also were very knowledgeable.  After the other difficult venues, this place was such a gluten free heaven that we had a few meals here.

Boston Pizza GF menu2 Boston Pizza GF menu3
Over a few visits, I had their oven baked wings, a salad, and their gluten free pizza twice. The pizza was the Kinnickinnick brand and extra yummy! (If you’re not familiar with this brand, first is one of the only soft gluten free crusts out there. It is also nut free, soy free, dairy free!)  All was delicious and safe! Also some yummy cocktails available. The gluten eaters in my party enjoyed their gluten pizzas as well.

Boston Pizza GF Kinnick3

Be prepared to wait for a table since this is in a busy area (worth it for good gluten free food though!) and service in Canadian restaurants in general (like Europe) was much slower than in the USA, just be prepared for that almost everywhere.

La Mattina in Fayetteville, PA

-La Mattina on Rt. 30 between Chambersburg and Gettysburg

In what is an amazing display of how gluten free friendly central Pennsylvania is, in what feels like the middle of nowhere near Caledonia State Park, on Route 30 between Chambersburg and Gettysburg (officially in the town of Fayetteville) is an amazing little “mom and pop” Italian restaurant called La Mattina with several amazing gluten free options.  I had a cheese pizza and it came in a special foil pan so it didn’t touch the pizza oven and it came with my own person red and white plastic cutter (sealed in plastic)!  They seemed very knowledgeable when I asked about separate utensils, etc. Their very extensive gluten free menu also offered gluten free ravioli, stuffed shells, pierogies, and pasta!  I did not get sick at all from their pizza! The crust was a bit dry and flavorless, but the sauce and cheese made it tasty and the leftovers reheated well the next day.  It was a pretty large size (probably would comfortably feed 2, not your usual personal size for GF) and I think about $11.  I didn’t remember to take a picture, sorry!

(As usual, I was not compensated in any way for my review, just my honest thoughts to help others gluten free or with food allergies! It’s also not medical advice.)

Flinchy’s – great Gluten free options in Camp Hill, PA

I apologize I haven’t posted anything lately, life has gotten so very busy!  What a winter we’ve had, huh? You’ll be happy to know that despite my hiatus, I’ve been taking pictures and notes of lots of Gluten free goods & bads and I will be working on sharing them all soon!

Flinchy’s (Camp Hill, PA) dedicated fryer, GF pizzas

Another amazing place in central PA with a HUGE gluten free menu is Flinchy’s.  It’s on Hummel Avenue in Camp Hill, PA near the Capital City Mall.  They offer gluten free pizzas with unique toppings (last time we shared a Cheeseburger Pizza and a Chicken Parmesan pizza-both delicious and safe!). 

Image Image

They also have a dedicated fryer, so I could even have fries. They had a crabcake with cornstarch instead of flour so it was gluten free (and it was so delicious, I forgot to take a picture until I had eaten the crabcake!). It was real crab and not any or much filler, amazing!

They also have wings, Redbridge GF beer, GF pasta! They suprisingly don’t have GF bread, but if you want to bring your own, you can have many of their sandwiches.

(Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this review. I simply like to share my good & bad finds with other gluten free people).