Cheeseburger in Paradise – gluten free in Virginia Beach

The topic of gluten free fries recently on Celtic Celiac inspired me to list the places I can have celiac-safe gluten free fries. There are actually several places in Virginia Beach, but my favorite is Cheeseburger in Paradise.

Cheeseburger in Paradise GF sweet fire chicken and fries

This restaurant is a fun, summery, Jimmy Buffet style restaurant. It has island themed food and drinks and a nice gluten free menu. I’ve heard mixed reviews on various Cheeseburger in Paradise restaurants around the country, but the one in Virginia Beach is very celiac friendly, as long as you let them know it’s an “allergy.”

Pictured above is what I always get: the Sweet Fire Chicken (they have gluten free buns for $2 more, but I like it as a dinner without the bun).  It comes with pepperjack cheese, banana peppers, and delicious sweet fire sauce. I always get extra sauce to dip my fries.

So when in Virginia Beach, enjoy gluten free fries and other fun fare at Cheeseburger in Paradise, located near the Lynnhaven Mall, about 5-10 minutes from the Oceanfront and 5-10 minutes from Town Center areas. (As always, all opinions are my own and I was not compensated.)


5 thoughts on “Cheeseburger in Paradise – gluten free in Virginia Beach

  1. Jennifer says:

    And they are always super nice to Amanda. One time the GF special fryer was being cleaned or broken or something and they made her fries in a separate pot just for her.

    • That’s right, they did! Thanks for the reminder! Even though my favorite manager was a military spouse who now has moved to Japan, they have many other good managers and cooks that still take good care of us celiacs.

  2. I moved to central Virginia about two years ago and have yet to go to Va beach! I have celiac so I am happy to hear that they have gluten free options there! I hope I can visit soon 🙂 in the meantime, if you want any recommendations for the Charlottesville area, please feel free to reach out or check out my site (

    • Thanks, Paige! I will check that out as we have some extended family we visit in Charlottesville once and a while, but I haven’t searched much for food out there–as we often either stop at my favorite place in Richmond (Crab Louie’s) before we get there or wait until we are at our destination in Pennsylvania!

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