Boma: Disney World allergen Restaurant Review


Boma Breakfast 2-1   Boma Breakfast 3-1
Somehow I still haven’t posted on my two favorite Disney breakfast venues: Boma and 1900 Park Fare.  I do hesitate to post places I love and will go back to, perhaps for fear of “jinxing” a good thing, but alas I want to share the good for those seeking a great experience!
Boma Breakfast 1-2
Let’s talk about Boma.  It’s an African-themed buffet in the Animal Kingdom Lodge.  It is open for breakfast and dinner, but I much prefer their breakfast.  It’s also a very good value on the meal plan, as it’s 1 sit-down meal credit for a huge buffet.  Now, I know, celiacs and others with food allergies cringe at the word buffet normally, but this is Disney.  They are generous with getting fresh items from the back away from cross contamination and offering substitutes as well.  So, for gluten free, I had an egg and cheese omelet (could have had other things in it, but I’m just a plain Jane). They had turkey bacon–hooray for non pork breakfast meats!

Boma Breakfast 1-1

They have the yummiest mixed fruit juice they call Jungle juice.  There was also fresh fruit of course.

Boma Breakfast 2-2   Boma Breakfast 2-3
For breakfast carbs that were safe, they served skillet potatoes most days (we went multiple days on our last trip).  They also have gluten free Mickey Waffles. (Side note, like most Disney locations, the allergen free Mickey waffles were made using Namaste mixed with Bob’s Red Mill.  Unfortunately, something in Namaste makes me ill–I’m guessing the arrowroot powder, but most people love these, so I know I’m a rare exception.  I was hoping for Cup4Cup, but alas they couldn’t find any.) There was also a nice showing of Udi muffins (chocolate and blueberry at this time) and MY FAVORITE Kinnikinnick donuts (vanilla glazed and cinnamon sugar at this time).

Boma Breakfast 3-2

I would pick this location again especially for the Kinnikinnick donuts, as those with eggs would make a pretty fulfilling breakfast. I only wish they offered another ingredient mix for the waffles.
Boma dinner fufu strong spices Boma dinner dessert sorbet and donuts GF SF
We also had dinner here one night and if you didn’t have a pork restriction, it was probably more enjoyable, but for gluten/nut/pork free, my options were limited. Some yummy steamed vegetables, their Fufu (spiced mashed white and sweet potatoes blended–pictured above), with some carved turkey or grilled fish (not pictured).  For dessert, they only have sorbet and fruit, which was okay but nothing special.  They did oblige my request for some more Kinnikinnick donuts with dinner for dessert. Sadly, they did not offer any of the gluten free Zebra Domes I’ve heard so much about (perhaps they are not nut free? I’m unsure).

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