Disney World allergen Restaurant Review: The Wave

The Wave

The Wave2 The Wave1

This restaurant, located on the ground floor of the Contemporary resort traditionally has been my favorite hidden gem!  (However, this was the absolute worst restaurant of our trip.)  It started with us being seated at the table for 2 right next to  the curtains drawn back.  They smelled, moldy or mildewy, not appetizing! We scooted the table away from the curtains and hoped things would get better.

I did not get the chef’s name but he seemed to do his best, but there were several troubles. I had only a salad option for appetizer, which I forgot to take a picture of.
The Wave3 The Wave4 burger upclose
I wanted the “grass fed” burger and he said they had Udi’s buns and that I could have fries too. This sounded wonderful, until the order came. The burger was a thin pre-formed patty that looked like a fast food restaurant. It had no taste or quality and I highly doubt it was grass-fed beef. The bun did not resemble any Udi’s I’ve had before and the texture seemed closer to EnerG. I can have EnerG too, but it made me nervous since the chef said they were Udi’s. I had him check again to be sure and he said the carton was gone, but he was sure they were Udi’s. (Really? the carton was gone? NOT reassuring!)  I had a few bites of the burger, but being unsure of the bun and the beef being subpar quality, I didn’t come close to finishing. I also asked for well done and got to several spots of pink (hard to see in the photo)!
The Wave5 not GF sundae
For dessert, he offered sorbet (why did they never offer ice cream first, even though I blatantly say I can have dairy?).  So, I asked about ice cream and Enjoy Life cookies. He said that was do-able. I was brought vanilla ice cream with a soft cookie like bottom. It did not resemble any of Enjoy Life brand cookies (and I do know them all!), so I asked if they were sure this was the right order. I asked if they made their own gluten free and nut free cookies (I hadn’t heard of that, but it was possible, right?)  The waitress went and said she double checked and this was right (no additional information was offered to allay my concerns). There was still an allergy stick in it, but those did not look like any cookies I’ve known. I was far too scared to eat the cookies and had my husband try them. He has no allergies but has had regular and gluten free. He said it did not taste or resemble the texture of any normal gluten free desserts.  He said he thought it was likely a regular housemade gluten cookie.  I was glad I did not eat it! That left me terrified and shaken.

Unfortunately, the Wave was the ultimate let down on this trip. I’m not sure I’ll be returning despite hearing others have good allergen meals here.

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