Fish House: Gluten free in Pensacola, FL

It’s time for another weekly installment of Restaurant Review Sunday.  This past week I traveled to Pensacola, FL and was in a unique situation with very limited choices.  The restaurants I ate at would not have been my first choice as a celiac, but I did manage to find something safe and keep from starving.

The first night my group ate at the Fish House.  This is a nice location on the water that has a sister restaurant beside it called Atlas.  Both menus had some options with a GF next to them on the menu, so that was why we ate here.

Fish House patio
(Picture credit: as I forgot to take my own of the entrance.)

The gluten free selections were limited, especially considering I’m not a huge fan of seafood: my choices for main entrees were steak, salad, or fish.  I choose the sirloin steak.  For gluten free sides (that were also pork/nut free), there was cheese grits, asparagus, and not listed but mentioned in the special was fingerling potatoes.  I had my favorite fingerling potatoes and asparagus. (I apologize, I forgot to take a picture until I had already started to eat my steak.)

Fish House GF Pensacola

My steak was severely undercooked, so I sent it back.  It took a while and when it was returned to me, it was very fatty and tough.  I was happy it was safe, but it left me a bit unsatisfied, I also splurged for dessert. The vanilla bean creme brulee was delicious.

Fish House dessert GF Pensacola

Overall, it was safe, but expensive and the quality wasn’t great.
(As always, I wasn’t compensated for my review and this was my own personal experience and opinion.)

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