Flying Fish Cafe – gluten free review at Disney World

Flying Fish Cafe

(I haven’t completed my dining reviews from last Christmas at Disney…I will cover those in the next few posts.)

This was a fine dining (read: 2 credits on Disney Dining Plan) restaurant along Boardwalk Disney–the area mostly for Disney Vacation Club members.  It was a bit tricky to find, but has a nice water walkway and scenic area to enjoy before or after dinner. We even saw a large turtle swimming in the lake while waiting for our dinner reservations. It’s next to the new Trattorio al Forno. I wish I had known, but the Boardwalk Bakery there has gluten free treats–I didn’t even think they would and didn’t look!
Flying Fish cafe exterior        Flying Fish cafe interior
The ambience here was nice enough, but it didn’t scream fine dining to us.  There was a story (as everything at Disney has) that the restaurant is themed around the post WWII era of carnivals.
Flying Fish cafe roll Flying Fish roll gross
The bread service was a brand I’m not sure about, but it was disgusting! It literally tasted like cardboard and I’ve never had to say that about a gluten free food!
Flying Fish gf crab cake
Luckily, things got better when the chef (I didn’t catch his name, but a large African-American man who was amazing!) talked about the choices for appetizers and entrees.  He said you tell me what you want, I should be able to do almost anything on the menu!! I had a gluten free (and the rest) crab cake for the appetizer! It was delicious, although some strong raw onion pieces in the mix detracted from the crab flavor!

The entree, which was so good I forgot to take a picture of it, was salmon. They even asked how I liked it cooked, which delighted me as I enjoy my salmon more like well-done, slightly crispy and it’s typically served medium-well!
Flying Fish Caramel sundae
The dessert here was tricky, but when I suggested ice cream and asked about the salted caramel sauce, he said that was doable. (There was a sundae on the menu with candy crumbles and other syrups that might have been okay, but just one was enough for me!) Yumminess!

While the bread service turned me off here, this overall was a very enjoyable experience overall and another testament to the theory of doing 2-credit dinner fine dining restaurants for dinner with mulitple food allergies!

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