Gluten free gelato AND cone in Niagara Falls

Il Gelato di Carlotta

Il Gelato di Carlotta1

Located in the mall area of the Fallsview Casino (on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls), just a few shops down from Pepper Palace, this place has amazing gelato with great ingredients they’re proud of.
Il Gelato di Carlotta2 Il Gelato di Carlotta6
Additionally, I was so amazed that they had “Senza Glutine” cones–gluten free cones!

Il Gelato di Carlotta3

And, all their gelato flavors are gluten free. I had the stracciatella flavor, which is a delicious thin ribbon of thin chocolate like a chocolate chip in a creamy vanilla base.
Il Gelato di Carlotta5
They have a nice indoor or outdoor seating area. The prices were not cheap, but also not expensive for good ingredients (especially considering it’s a tourist area).

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