Johnny Roccos – celiac gluten free heaven in Niagara Falls

Although a few miles away from the main tourist area of the Canadian side of Niagara Falls, it’s conveniently on the Red line of WeGo buses and has nice outside patio seating. We came for the gluten free options (celiac safe) and were not disappointed.

Johnny Roccos GF pizza Niagara Falls 2

I had a gluten free pizza, which was safe and delicious (although it was more sauce and less cheese than I like as an American!). The pizza sauce was very yummy and I believe homemade. The server was very knowledgeable on gluten free. The gluten eaters in my group had their HUGE calzones that were delicious and a grilled chicken sandwich that was decent.Johnny Roccos receipt

I appreciated the knowledge by my server and her care in alerting the kitchen–verbally and on paper, as viewed on the receipt! 🙂 (Don’t be too shocked on the price–prices are high in Niagara Falls and this was actually more reasonable than much of the chain places.)

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