Hard Rock Cafe in Niagara Falls, Ontario – fell flat

Recently we went on a road trip: Niagara Falls, central Pennsylvania, and Washington DC. I wanted to share the good and the bad from the places I ate with regards to celiac / gluten allergy (I also don’t eat pork, pumpkin seeds, or nuts).

Hard Rock Cafe –
Sadly, this place was the worst of our Niagara Falls trip in every way, despite a decent selection on the menu:

Hard Rock Cafe GF Menu3

The setting: This is one of the smaller Hard Rocks I’ve been to and the atmosphere itself just wasn’t as impressive as usual, but to make matters horrific, the speaker system went out while we were there and there was a constant LOUD buzzing for almost 10 minutes! I have no idea why it took customers trying to walk out before they at least turned it off!
Also, getting there with any disability would be impossible unless you wanted to eat outside in the heat at street level!  I could not find an elevator and the escalator up was hard to find but existed, while the escalator down was not working (my bad ankle was acting up at this point in the trip).

Hard Rock Cafe GF1
We obviously went there for the gluten free menu, which seemed to have a lot of options: burger, steak, grilled salmon, grilled shrimp, ribs, grilled chicken sandwich, but it was very small when eliminating the fried items and what was celiac-safe after asking questions! Even then, they didn’t take it very seriously. They first brought me fries as a side with my burger even though they were not safe gluten free and not what I ordered (mashed potatoes).  Then they re-served the same burger with mashed potatoes put where the fries were. It also had the lettuce, tomato, and onion, and mayo on it–which I asked for none of!  The prices were outrageous and that is accounting for high prices that are normal in Niagara Falls, these were doubly ridiculous compared to any rational price.

The food was terrible: the two “normal” people in my group said the food was bland and had less than no flavor (one got chicken macaroni & cheese, one got a burger and fries).  My gluten free burger was just so-so for flavor and the mashed potatoes were flavorless!

By this meal, we had gotten used to the slower pace of service, but this server was terrible. He forgot half our items (literally, didn’t bring some of our drinks until asked twice AND forgot specifics on food), didn’t check back, didn’t top off any empty drinks!

(As always, I was not compensated for this review in anyway.  This is merely retelling of my personal experience to help others with allergies.)

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