Gluten free in the middle of nowhere Burnham, PA

While we were in PA at Thanksgiving, I knew I wanted to visit my grandma.  She lives in a small town near Lewistown, PA and I assumed I would just have to pack a gluten free lunch, as there would be nothing for me to eat out there.  I was wrong. I researched before the trip (as I always do, traveling as a celiac) and found OIP Burnham had several SAFE gluten free items! OIP is a series of independent restaurants in central Pennsylvania, standing for Original Italian Pizza.  It’s well known for pizza and subs, however this day I delighted in my gluten free choices.
OIP Burnham GF chicken tenders & fries

They had gluten free pizzas on their menu, but I instead opted for their gluten free chicken tenders and french fries, both fried in a dedicated gluten free fryer.  I was also able to partake in some gluten free chicken wings, fried in the same dedicated fryer! (Sorry I forgot a picture of those).  This small town gem had nice people, nice service, and great care in their gluten free menu…we will return anytime we go to  visit my grandma!

If you ever find yourself on the other side of the mountain from State College, PA and need gluten free, be sure to stop in OIP Burnham!


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