Citricos – a fine dining experience with gluten, soy, peanut, and pork allergies


When my family decided to join us, we could not get reservations to our favorite Narcoossee’s for 6, so we settled on trying a new 2 credit fine dining experience, Citricos, which is located in the Grand Floridian resort (on the monorail).


Side note: I think in the future if we did the dining plan, I’d do a buffet breakfast and a 2-credit fine dining dinner every night, skipping lunch. Three meals a day was usually too much food and the fine dining locations seemed to have more control and flexibility with their ingredients vs. the regular restaurants, which was important with my multiple allergies.

Citricos roll

For bread service, it seemed to be a GNI roll, warmed well, with a salted butter.
Citricos steak and potatoes
Citricos had several options, but the steak and mashed potatoes sounded the best (had I known many other places wouldn’t have a chicken option throughout the week, I would have opted for the chicken, below). It was in a cabernet reduction that I didn’t care for, but it came with an UNBELIEVABLY good peppadew pepper “slaw!”  If I were going again, I would get no sauce and lots of the pepper mixture!  (I apologize, I forgot to take pictures until we had started eating!)

Citricos chicken    Citricos tropical creme brulee

Citricos dessert options were rather sad with the soy and gluten issues. It was sorbet or tropical creme brulee. Normally I’m a big fan of Disney creme brulee, so I opted for that. This creme brulee was too tart, which was odd for a normally sweet and creamy dessert.
Citricos dessert
If you only had a gluten issue (not soy), the signature chocolate banana torte with chocolate crown would have been a nice treat!

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