All Star Sports food court – a Gluten free, soy free, peanut, and pork free review!

All Star Sports food court

This was an unplanned suprise. One evening we had come back to the room after lunch feeling a bit under the weather for (non-food) allergy issues and we cancelled our dinner reservations for Mama Melrose.  While I was so sad to miss Mama Melrose, we still needed to eat. I ventured to the hotel food court but in disbelief that I’d have any gluten free, soy free options.

All Star chicken tenders and maybe not SF fries with ketchup packets

Shockingly, I did. Well, kind of. They had allergen-free chicken tenders and fries in a dedicated fryer.  The fries are labeled with “may be coated in soybean oil warning,” but the chef this night did not disclose this. (I found out on an additional night with a more diligent chef!) Luckily, I can tolerate small amounts of soybean oil and soy lecithin so this was not a disaster for us, but be forewarned if you have a more serious soy reaction! I also was able to get ketchup packets, as the ketchup pump was definitely messy and likely cross contaminated.
All star GF SF dessert
If you use a meal credit in the food court–the drink choices are amazing! Odwalla juices, chocolate milk, orange juice, much more than just your usual soda! Dessert options are good for most people, but for my allergy needs, there was almost nothing! This was unfortunate. They only have a gluten free OMG brownie to offer, which had soy. However, I kept digging for something more than fruit and found this chocolate pudding! It has dairy, but is gluten, soy, and peanut free!

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