Crystal Palace in Magic Kingdom Gluten free, soy free, and peanut free

Crystal Palace

We have found over several trips to Disney, that although all Disney owned restaurants (beware that not many in Epcot at Disney-owned!) will do a fairly good job at serving safe food and accommodating food allergies, the best food quality and servers/chefs seem to be at the resort restaurants instead of in the parks.  I will start with those places we ate in the parks, since those are often most popular!  We ate lunch at Crystal Palace in Magic Kingdom.  This is a character dining experience and we saw Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, Eeyore, and Tigger too!

*As always, all my meals are gluten free (to the celiac standard), peanut free, and pork-free, but this trip had the added complication of completely soy free (previously I tolerated soybean oil & soy lecithin).

Crystal Palace roasted sweet potato slices best

Crystal Palace is a buffet, which would make me nervous anywhere except Disney. At Disney, they will get you fresh items from the back and supplement as needed. The first item on the buffet and not near any contamination issues were these roasted sweet potato slices, dusted I think with some cinnamon and sugar–they were heavenly! They were the only thing I got from the buffet, the rest the Chef (Ron) brought or made in the back.

Crystal Palace salad

I also had a mixed green salad the chef made in the back, with yellow mustard (my preferred dressing when I’m away from home–more flavor than oil & vinegar, but still gluten and soy free!)

Crystal Palace gross steak great potatoes

Chef Ron also brought me some sliced steak and mashed potatoes from the back, the mashed potatoes were delicious but the steak was too fatty to even be edible. Luckily, we had a large breakfast so I was no too upset at the lack of protein in this meal. It was not my favorite, but tolerable.

Crystal Palace strange seeded rolls

Bread service here was terrible. There were some strange brand of gluten free rolls that made me nervous as they looked to have ground seeds in them (I’m severely allergic to pumpkin seeds)–the chef said they weren’t seeds, but appeased my request for Udi bread. First, it was served very burnt, but on a subsequent trip he realized it and served me some less dark toast. Crystal Palace burnt UdisCrystal Palace bread re-served

For dessert, since I’m not dairy-free, I was able to have the soft serve vanilla ice cream but I was full. They also brought me some Enjoy Life chocolate chip cookies, packaged.

Overall, it was safe and I loved many of my side dishes and the chef was very kind, but I was definitely disappointed in the sub-par meat quality (and lack of meat options) as well as the bread issue.

I was not compensated by Disney in any way, I just like to share my experiences to help others enjoy allergen-friendly travel!

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