Coral Reef in Epcot at Disney World – Gluten free, soy free, peanut free review!

Coral Reef view

Next up is the Coral Reef restaurant, in Epcot.  It’s a restaurant beside a massive aquarium and has a beautiful view because of that!

Coral Reef rolls Coral Reef roll and butter

Disney has gone to the EnerG brand of gluten free rolls, which is unfortunate as there are so many better brands out there available! These are edible and even good tasting with butter when they’re warmed perfectly, but if they’re warmed wrong or if they get cool, forget it–they are hard as rocks and literally inedible! Fortunately, they were served just right here! I got to eat 1 and a half before they were too cold and therefore too hard. The black salt on the butter was odd and made things a little messy (it streaked the butter & the plates), but it was yummy!

It was, however, a far cry from how yummy the last visit was–they toasted Udi’s bread in a frying pan with butter and it inspired me to this day to make my toast like that at home! (Chef Larry was cautious and brought me the binder of allergens, as he seemed less familiar than most chefs with the ingredients–but better safe than sorry is okay by me!)

Coral Reef appetizer

The only safe appetizer unfortunately was grilled octopus. Not my first choice and after it looked like it had pieces of ham (I did inform them of the pork allergy, but the chef was a bit unsteady in his choices), I did not eat any of it.

Coral Reef dinner

There are many seafood dishes served here, but I’m not too keen on seafood and there was no gluten free lobster option, so I chose the steak with mashed potatoes and broccolini. The steak was cooked well, as I asked and the mashed potatoes were delicious!  The broccolini is not something I cared for. (I could also have had salmon.)

Coral Reef dessert

I had Chef Rob for dessert, as Chef Larry had left. I remember him from a few visits ago, he is awesome!  One thing I noticed throughout Disney is that so many of the chefs are used to those who are gluten free also being dairy free that many would forget to offer me ice cream or regular butter!  I asked for ice cream and they had Haagen Daas vanilla (made on shared equipment, but I took a chance and seemed okay) with Enjoy Life soft Chocolate Chip Brownie cookies! YUM! If I were not soy free, they had a gluten free chocolate torte that is popular there.

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