Medium Rare – Gluten Free in Washington, D.C.

Medium Rare is conveniently located right across from the Cleveland Park Metro rail station and nearby the Zoo.  They are only open for dinner.

We had great weather so we sat outside in their patio area, which was really nice.  Our server (a gentleman from England who went to school in the US at Penn State) was excellent as well!  This is an interesting restaurant, because they really only have one option, it’s a pre-fixe menu of bread, salad, steak with secret sauce, and french fries for $20, but you can substitute a Portobello mushroom for the steak if you don’t eat red meat. (I apologize for the picture quality, it was an after thought on this trip!)

Medium Rare GF July 2014

The good news is since they specialize it’s quite good. It’s also all gluten free, except the bread. For the main course, they serve you two medium helpings of the steak (or mushroom), which is thin but very tender and delicious, and fries. (The fries are gluten free and its the only thing they fry in the fryer.)  They have a limited dessert and bar menu. For gluten free, they really only have vanilla ice cream which was large but a bit pricey, but the portions are generous so you’re likely to be delightfully full from the meal and salad anyways!

2 thoughts on “Medium Rare – Gluten Free in Washington, D.C.

  1. GlutenFreeEater says:

    I saw one review of Medium Rare that suggested the “secret sauce” wasn’t gluten free (my fear of a “secret sauce” would be that it would have soy sauce or malt vinegar or some processed something in it that would make it not okay). I saw another that said it was gluten free. So curious if you spoke with someone or had any sort of reaction to it?

    Thanks for the review!

    • I don’t blame you–I was terrified of it too! I’m very reactive and I don’t like anything secretive with my food allergies, but I read that it was gluten free and decided to take the plunge and I’m glad I did. I did not get sick and haven’t heard or read of others either! I know there was a djion mustard in the sauce, but I can’t say I identified too many other ingredients. (This was someone’s similar comment on what might be in the sauce:

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