Lebanese Taverna – Gluten Free in Washington DC

Recently I was in Washington, D.C. for work.  I had no car with me for this trip, but rather used the Metrorail only.  So, this and the following reviews are of places that were gluten free, safe for a celiac AND near a Metro stop or near the Marriott in Wardman Park where I was staying (which is right across from the Woodley Park Metro stop and near the Zoo).

First up is Lebanese Taverna.  It was right across from the Marriott hotel and the Woodley Park Metro Stop, so also nearby the National Smithsonian Zoo. There are a few other locations around DC, so be sure to check them out if you are in the city.

Lebanese Taverna logo

This restaurant is a DC staple and is really great for gluten free.  They have many items marked on their menu gluten free and most servers had a good understanding of the gluten free options.  They can serve you rice crackers instead of the bread they bring for everyone else–some visits this was offered, sometimes I had to ask.  Although they look plain, they were tasty and most of all, it was nice to be offered something while the others ate bread.

Lebanese Taverna rice crackers

The watermelon and feta appetizer was not only gluten free and relatively healthy but amazing and delicious–please try this, unless you have a pine nut allergy! 

Lebanese Taverna Watermelon and feta appetizer

The first day I had something marked GF which was the chicken schwarma salad. If you’re intimidated by the name, it was like a grilled chicken salad with feta.  I forgot a picture, but it was good, flavorful, filling, and safe! 

One major thing I wanted to try was the chicken kabobs. They were not marked gluten free so I asked.  It is normally served with Lebanese rice, which has noodles in it, so it’s not gluten free. They explained I could have the kabobs with the spice rice (not spicy despite the name, but good
flavor), which was gluten free.  It came with some vegetables on the kabob as well and a white sauce that looks like sour cream, but is a garlic sauce–very yummy!

Lebanese Taverna chicken kabobs with GF spiced rice and garlic cream

All of my meals there were all delicious and aside from a little upset stomach after the 3rd meal with too much garlic, I didn’t have any stomach troubles from the food!

*As always, I was not compensated for my review or my meals and this is my own opinion and based on my experiences to help others with celiac navigate their travels.*

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