Turkey Pepperoni & Cheese GoPicnic meal

The GoPicnic boxes are favorites of many gluten free people.  Everytime I look for travel tips for gluten free, this is on the list.  Well, many of them have pork or pumpkin seeds, which are two unusual allergies I have, so I am not a fan overall.  There was one box I was able to eat all of the ingredients in back when I was first gluten free, that was their Turkey Pepperoni and Cheese box.  Now I avoid soy and they’ve changed fruit mix to a fruit & peanut mix, so I can’t eat all of the ingredients but here’s why I occasionally still buy the Turkey Pepperoni and Cheese.
Go Picnic box CAM00838
GoPicnic boxes certainly are a great idea, they have 4 or 5 items all neatly packed in a box that even has a soduku  puzzle’s inside written on the box, which is nice.  They are relatively crush proof and what I can eat in them has always been yummy.  They really should do a “Free of the Top 8” box, but at least I do enjoy some of the components (I’m lucky that I don’t waste the other parts, as my husband can use the rest in his lunches).
The real reason I buy these meals occasionally is because I LOVE the Copperbell Asiago Cheese spread–it’s really nice to have a shelf stable, non-nut protein to take on trips and when paired when some gluten free crackers, it can be quite filling.  The Crunchmaster Multi-seed crackers that come in the Turkey GoPicnic box are gluten free and tasty, but do contain soy so I no longer will eat them.

Their turkey pepperoni (currently Bridgford brand) is gluten free and yummy to put on a pizza, but too greasy to eat as part of a snack/meal otherwise.

The box also now has Baja Blend by Sweet Perry Orchards, which has peanuts and dried fruit, so that’s out for me too because of the peanuts.  It used to have a dried pineapple-cranberry mix called Tangy Tango by Sweet Perry Orchards that was quite tasty if you happen to still see that edition on your store shelves.  Apparently the Tangy Tango is no longer made, as I couldn’t find it to buy online anywhere even by itself.  😦

For dessert, the old boxes came with a mini-almond Roca bar, which had soy but the new ones have a yummy ZimZam hard caramel Lollipop that’s very sweet but yummy (has milk, which I can usually handle in small amounts as I only have a lactose issue).

I was not compensated in any way for my review, just my honest thoughts to help others gluten free!


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