Thanksgiving in PA – Isaacs Deli

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, I was in PA to visit family and friends and that inevitably means some eating out (and some questionable eating in gluten-filled kitchens), here are the tips I learned and restaurants I ate at. The first and most frequented was Isaacs Deli – central PA from Harrisburg to Lancaster (I personally visited Lemoyne, York, and Mechanicsburg locations).


Isaacs Deli is a small deli chain in Central Pennsylvania that specializes in sandwiches, named after birds. They have a gluten free flatbread and several gluten free meats, cheeses, and dressings.  My favorite sandwich is the Whooping Crane–it comes with onions, spinach, honey mustard, turkey, and swiss cheese and it’s heated. They are very accomodating and if you let them know it’s an allergy, they are usually very good about changing their gloves and being aware of cross contamination. They have a yummy complementary pickle mix they serve that’s gluten free too! They serve Utz potato chips on the side of most sandwiches (it’s a mix of white, purple, and sweet potatoes) that are gluten free as well.  They even have a gluten free flourless chocolate torte and ice cream available for dessert!  The torte is very good, very rich!  You can also buy 3 or 4 of the flatbreads to go for $7.99. I have eaten at Isaacs many times and maybe once or twice out of 15 times have I gotten sick (and once it could have been some other desserts I had right after), so overall a good choice. I don’t know how I failed to take a picture, but for now at least I wanted to put their logo so you can find the restaurant if you’re looking for them!

(As usual, I was not compensated in any way for my review, just my honest thoughts to help others gluten free or with food allergies! It’s also not medical advice.)

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