Raglan Road Gluten free in Downtown Disney

On our Animal Kingdom day, since we were out of the parks early, we planned to do Downtown Disney. (In addition to some great restaurants, there are some very cool lego statues at the lego store in Downtown Disney, here are just two of them):Legos dragon Legos Snow White

Our dinner plans were at Raglan Road.  Now, I had been dreaming of these gluten free (dairy free also) fish and chips since we found out about it–because even though we’ve made some oven fries or pan fried fish at home since having to be gluten free, I really missed getting these foods out once and a while!

Here’s the outside Raglan Road outside and the inside Raglan Road inside

Overall, their gluten free selection for the main course was decent, but the overall meal was less than impressive after Disney.  At first it was disappointing that there was no GF bread or rolls to have!  Like most people who are gluten free, normally I am used to not having bread when others do, but after so many days of enjoying it at Disney, I had gotten spoiled and was missing it!  But, I was still excited to be able to have fish and chips!  Raglan Road GF fish and chips2

However, it was only one medium piece of fish and fries, for the price ($19)–even at Downtown Disney–I would have expected 2 pieces of fish or 3 smaller ones. Both the fish and the fries were well cooked and it had good flavor (they have a unique batter of chickpea flour and champagne), however I don’t know that it was anything to rave about.  There was also only 1 gluten free dessert–just one lemon mousse type dessert by the waiter’s description and that didn’t sound interesting.  I was surprised and disappointed that since they offer a dedicated gluten free batter and fryer that they don’t do more for bread or desserts!  I would have liked to try the GF onion rings they also offer, but that was too much fried food for one day.

Here are a few more views of Downtown Disney: T-Rex, Rainforest Cafe, and the bar next to Raglan Road, “Hole in the Wall” haha.

DSC01744    DSC01747 DSC01756 DSC01759

(As usual, I was not compensated in any way for my review unfortunately! I would love to be compensated to check out all the lovely Disney gluten free restaurants!  But, these are just my honest thoughts to help others gluten free or with food allergies! It’s also not medical advice.)

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