Coral Reef at Epcot, gluten free

The first place I’d like to review from our Disney World trip is Coral Reef. This restaurant is inside Epcot, set beside an aquarium with a view of sharks, turtles, and fish and serves primarily seafood. As is typical at Disney restaurants, the chef came to speak with me when notified there was an allergy at the table. I told him I needed gluten free, pork free (an allergy), and peanut free (not a diagnosed allergy, but I don’t respond well to them).  Here is a view of the aquarium the tables are next to:Image

Upon reviewing the dinner menu and consulting with the chef, I decided on the Orange Ginger-glazed Scottish Salmon.  It’s usually served with a vegetable Stir-fry but because that has soy sauce that was not gluten free, it would be plain vegetables, so I changed the side to something more exciting: Chive&Cheddar mashed potatoes (forgot the picture, my apologies, I was still so excited by the toast I’ll tell you about in a minute!)  The chef also said he would send out gluten free bread.  I presumed it would be the dinner rolls, but did not know if it would be the older Udi’s or the newer ones–much to my suprise and pleasure, it was neither!  It was Udi’s gluten free bread, toasted in a safe pan with butter and it had the most amazing texture and flavor! It appears at first glance to have a burnt spot, but those were just carmelized butter, it tasted great! See the picture?Image

The server was so kind and knowledgeable, when he brought my toast and separate butter dish, he told the others at my table in a nice but stern way “Now don’t touch her bread or butter!”  In this case, my husband and nephew knew better, but this could be so helpful as a reminder if we were dining with others who were unfamiliar with strict gluten needs!

The salmon had very good flavor and was cooked perfectly and a nice sized portion.  The mashed potatoes were two large scoops and had flavor that was out of this world good! I highly recommend these choices for gluten free and hope they stick to the pan-cooked toast as well!

(As usual, I was not compensated in any way for my review unfortunately! I would love to be compensated to check out all the lovely Disney gluten free restaurants!  But, these are just my honest thoughts to help others gluten free or with food allergies! It’s also not medical advice.)

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